About Leslie Wang

Hello! My name is Leslie Wang. I am a Computer graduate, Java developer, hacker, blogger. My research direction is electronic information. I love Java, C++ and open source and I'm focusing on Network Engineering, Computer Network, Web and so on.

Contact me: 2445054599@qq.com

I am a beginner!
If you have any questions, Please communicate and make progress together.

The Journey of Leslie Wang

Brief History

  • 1997


    Born in Dali, Yunnan, China. A remote county with very backward economic development and not very advanced information technology.

    My dad is a farmer.He wants me to change my life through technology.

  • 2003


    When I was a child, I show great interest in computers and engineer. I am very interested in electronic products.

    But because of family conditions, I have never been able to get electronic products. Our school only has one old-fashioned computer with a thick display. It was a very happy thing to be able to watch movies at that time. Our teacher would do it every week. Show us a movie. He hasn’t learned computer before. When he played it, he asked others to operate it. In that era, computers were still a rare thing.

  • 2010

    Highschool years

    Time has come to my junior high school life. At this time, 3G mobile phones appeared on the market, but I still couldn’t afford it.

    But I have always maintained a passion for electronic products, and I often borrow other people’s mobile phones for research. At the same time, my scores in various subjects are also very good, especially math and English.

    When I arrived in high school, my nightmare began. Days began to become very difficult. Life in high school was particularly difficult. I also met a particularly annoying math teacher. The results have always been at the bottom, but I have never forgotten my interest, and three years of humiliating life have passed hard.

  • 2016


    Because of my strong interest in computers, after the college entrance examination, all my volunteers applied for computer-related majors, and finally came to a prefectural teacher’s college to study network engineering. This result was also expected.

    In my freshman year, I participated in the maintenance and management of the college’s computer room, and it lasted for three years, until I was admitted to graduate school. These three years are my most fulfilling three years, my skills have also been greatly improved, and I have learned a lot about network engineering technology and knowledge.

  • 2019

    Graduate entrance exam

    Time to come to the third year of university, because I want to get more improvement in technology and knowledge, I chose the postgraduate entrance examination.

    While preparing for the exam, I did not forget my interest, and I still read some technical knowledge every week to eliminate the boredom during the exam preparation.

  • 2020

    About Graduate

    After the postgraduate entrance examination, I went to a training company to start an internship. The main work I did was hardware maintenance and website development. At this time, the results were not yet available. I waited for the initial exam results while doing the internship.

    Finally waited for the results of the graduate entrance examination. But ran into COVID-19. Because of the impact of COVID-19, all exams are converted to online. The next step is to prepare for the retest. Finally,I was lucky enough to be admitted.

    During winter vacation, COVID-19 becomes more serious,we tracked in home, take advantage of the winter vacation,I have learned some technology about C++ and network engineer. And made a plan for the future life of graduate students.

    September 2020,School is finally open, come to school and start learning. Classmates and teachers are excellent, I need to study hard.

  • Now

    Graduate Time

    Doing research......